To plan an event in partnership with Keep the Shoals Beautiful, there are a few requirements which must be fulfilled:


Plan Your Event

  1. What is the name of your event?

  2. When will it take place? (Date and Time)

  3. What Type of Event is it?

    1. End Littering

    2. Beautify Community

    3. Improve Recycling

    4. Youth and Education

    5. Other

  4. How many volunteers do you expect to help?

  5. Does your event require marketing on our social media outlets and newsletter?

  6. What can we help with? (Contact Kate Brown for information 256-764-4661)

Check out Resources

Any event coordinator may come to the Chamber of Commerce, located at 20 Hightower Place Florence, AL 35631, and reserve materials for their cleanup or beautification project. See receptionist to fill out the necessary paperwork and collect materials.

Materials Provided by KTSB include:

  • Litter Grabbers

  • Reflective Vests 

  • Cloth and Latex Gloves

  • Garbage Bags

  • Recycling Bins (for collection of bottles, paper and other plastics at community events)

  • Traffic Cones (if necessary)

  • First Aid Kits

*“Thank You for Not Littering” yard signs are free of charge, and may be taken with wire stand from the supply trailer for keeps.

Return Resources & Trailer

All provided materials must be returned by no later than 2 weeks following a cleanup event. Materials must be returned to their proper storage boxes and location in the supply trailer.

For large scale cleanups (50+ volunteers) the trailer may be borrowed and returned to the Chamber for ease of resource access. If the trailer sustains any damage not existing prior to pickup, organizers may be charged a fee for damages. If any recycling bins are not returned, a $75 fee will be charged.


Report Your Cleanup

Following your cleanup, report to us your number of volunteers, hours worked, spaces covered and volume of litter collected by filling out this form. We track metrics, refraining from collection of personal information, for reporting to Keep America Beautiful. These metrics help KTSB acquire grant funding to better provide supplies and beautification opportunities for the Shoals community.

Thank you for doing your part to keep the shoals beautiful!