About Steve Trash

Hey! I'm Steve Trash® - The Upcycling Illusionist. Here you can see all things Steve Trash (music videos, magic tricks, silly stopmotion animation, big illusions, green stuff). For over 30 years I've been "all about" sharing the science of ecology, recycling info, environmental facts, how nature works, and other cool eco-stuff. But I always try to make the information entertaining, educational, non-political and non-judgemental.


reduce, reuse, recycle

In this episode of Steve Trash Science, we explore the magic words... Reduce Reuse Recycle. Do you know how many disposable spoons and cups Americans throw away each year? Do you know why making too much garbage is a really really bad idea? Do you know why recycling is super smart? It's really super smart.


Why is pollution bad for the environment? Why is pollution bad for humans? What is pollution? How can we prevent pollution? All these great questions are answered with STEM and STEAM based (1-5th grade) earth science curriculum in mind. Oh yeah... and it's fun to watch too!